Continuing the Calling Conversation: Cultivation and Creation

Sorry for all the ‘c’s’.  As was said on Sunday, this blog will be a place where you can dive in a little deeper to material we cover on Sundays.

For those of you who missed college group this past Sunday (or for those of you who were sleeping – I was impressed by one guy–who will remain nameless–who got a pretty decent nap right there in his discussion circle!), we talked about culture and our calling as bearers of God’s image to cultivate and create it.  The discussion was catalyzed in large part by Andy Crouch’s book, Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling.  I’d encourage you to read the book if our discussion piqued your interest.  In fact, there may be some folks getting together for a book discussion on this book.  If you’d be interested in that group, let us know. 

Brief summary of the morning:

First, what is culture.  We used the definition by Ken Myers (see his All God’s Children and Blue Suede Shoes for his helpful thoughts on Christians and popular culture) that Crouch adopted for his book.  Culture is the world and what we make of it, in both senses (i.e. interpretation and creation).

It’s very easy for us as evangelicals to settle into postures of condemnation, critique, copying, and consuming.  There is a place for each of these responses (e.g. porn should be condemned, art should be critiqued, kudos to Luther for borrowing the bar tunes, a good cup of coffee is only honored by being duly consumed, etc.).  Crouch argues, however, that these responses to the world should be more like gestures made from a proper posture focused on cultivation and creation.  Whether we are mothers or mechanics, fashion designers or web designers, we should view our work as that of a gardener and artist.

What was helpful for you from this discussion?  What questions do you have?  What ideas and thoughts do you have that might help the rest of us?

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