Happy 500th Birthday to John Calvin!

Today, July 10th marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of the OG of missional theology, John Calvin.  No person has had a more profound influence on the Church in the last 500 years than he has had.  John Piper has written of Calvin:

I am eager for people to know Calvin…because he took the Bible so seriously, and because what he saw on every page was the majesty of God and the glory of Christ. Calvin continues to inspire me because of his relentless focus on the greatness of God….

In the end, Calvin’s manifold ways of inspiring us have the effect they do century after century because he saw the gospel so clearly and made Christ so central….

If Jesus Christ, in all his majesty and excellence, is kept in clear view, the church will be kept from many errors. Therefore, Calvin continues to inspire and serve the church five hundred years after his birth….

In honor of the John Calvin 500, Desiring God has reprinted the classic biography of John Calvin by T.H.L. Parker Portrait of Calvin and is making it available today for only $2.  This is an excellent biography of Calvin and the one that Chris McGarvey had us PMT Apprentices read along with Calvin’s Institutes last Fall.  If your’e interested in learning more about this man and his all-encompassing vision of glory of God, then this would be a great place to begin!  Click on the picture below to be taken to the DG ordering site.

ht: Desiring God


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I'm currently a student studying for an M.A. in Biblical Exegesis at Wheaton College Grad School. My earnest, if imperfect, desire is that God be glorified and shown to be the treasure that He is through my life!
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