Reflection Questions John 17:20-26

On Sunday morning, we ended with 4 questions to reflect on in light of what we learned in John 17:20-26.  In case some of you weren’t able to write them down in time or can’t remember, here they are for you to reflect on over the next several days.

1. Do you experience an increasing ability to love, serve and prefer other Christians above yourself?

2. Would any non-Christians know of the reality of Jesus’ death and resurrection from your life or the life of this college group?  Would any non-Christians see and experience God’s love incarnated through your life?

3. Does your experience of the glory of God through Jesus affect your life in any way each day?

4. Can you honestly say that you have known God?


About scottnewman

I'm currently a student studying for an M.A. in Biblical Exegesis at Wheaton College Grad School. My earnest, if imperfect, desire is that God be glorified and shown to be the treasure that He is through my life!
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