Welcome Back!

There is always a lot of transition at this time of the year for the College & 20s ministry.  Many of you have recently taken off for the school year after being with us this summer.  You’ll be missed and we look forward to seeing you when you’re in town.  Others of you are back from the summer months and are going to be joining us at Grace Church of DuPage for another school year.  We’re glad you’re with us again and look forward to growing in the gospel together.  Some of you have stumbled across this blog because you’ve recently visited with us and are trying to learn a bit more of what we’re all about.  We would love to get to know you better and help you get plugged into our community.

Beginning this coming Sunday (Sept 6), we’re going to begin a study of Hebrews.  We’re really excited about this and are looking forward to having our faith and hope bolstered by seeing, week after week, the greatness of Christ.  We have much in common with those who heard these words first, and the Spirit is still speaking through them today.  If you would like to begin thinking and growing from Hebrews ahead of time, please do so – you can read the first chapter for Sunday.  Since Hebrews is really, in many ways, a sermon, I’d encourage you to find some time soon to sit down and read it straight through and out loud in one shot.

Our hope in this study is that we would pay much closer attention to the gospel and the surpassing greatness of Christ so that we would not drift away (2:1), but rather run the race set before us (12:1).

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