Is Christianity Good for the World?

On Dec 4th, the College & 20s group will be watching the documentary, Collision, at a home in Wheaton.  “Documentary” can remind some of us of opportunities to take a nap in High School Social Studies courses.  This is certainly not that kind of movie.  It captures Christopher Hitchens and Doug Wilson’s travels through three cities as they discussed and debated the question, Is Christianity Good for the World?.

Hitchens’s take:

Christianity is a wicked cult, and it’s high time we left it behind.

And Wilson:

“There are two tenets of atheism.  One, There is no God. Two, I hate him.”

We’re looking forward to this and hope that it kicks up helpful questions and a great discussion.  We’ll have more on this later, but here’s a trailer for now:

You can also go to the website to watch the first 13 minutes of the movie and other interviews.


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