Carson on Twentysomethings

D. A. Carson was recently asked for his perspective on our generation.  The question was,

“What do you see happening with the gospel and my generation, the twentysomethings of the American church? Are you encouraged?”

His answer:

Cautiously, yes. It is still a day of relatively small things. But it is always encouraging to observe the substantial number of twentysomethings who want to learn what the Bible says, who are looking for faithful mentors, who are tired of the endless openness of some strands of postmodernism but who do not want to drift back into isolationism or privatized religion. Some from very culturally conservative Christian backgrounds are engaging in a pendulum swing toward “hip” stances that are barely orthodox, but they are winning almost no one except other people like themselves.

But the next thing he said is what is the most encouraging.

In God’s grace, the future lies with that part of the younger generation that is passionate to understand, believe, and obey the truth, and who to that end are diligently studying the Word of God for themselves and learning lessons in contrition and joy, in humility and courage, in faith and obedience, that every generation of believers must learn.

Pray for God to give us the grace to be this kind of passionate Bible-studying, truth-believing, repentant, humble, obedient, and courageous generation.

HT: Buzzard

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