Collision Continued…

Many of us from the College & 20s group of Grace watched Collision together last fall.  Collision is a documentary of the debates between Christopher Hitchens (atheist) and Doug Wilson (Christian) about the question, Is Christianity Good for the World?

Christopher Hitchens’ brother has now written a book: The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith.

Here’s a short video introducing his story and purpose for writing on the new atheism:

Here are a couple quotes.

Comparing the atheism under communism with the new atheism today, he says:

I saw it and I know how very, very hostile it was to religion and why it was. And one of the things I want to communicate to people is how that hostility is now being re-forged by new atheists who in many cases have no idea of the forces they’re trying to summon out of the ground and very little idea of the dangers of what they’re doing.  If you drive God out of the world, then you create a howling wilderness.

And on the post-Christian America:

This country ceased to be truly Christian in terms of people genuinely consciously and in an educated way believing in the Christian faith after the first world war.  People still continue to behave as if they’re Christians, a society continues to function as if it’s a Christian society for sometime after it’s gone.  We’ve been living in the past forty or fifty years in the afterglow of Christianity, but eventually, eventually the darkness falls.

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