One musical trend of the past few years that I have appreciated is the renewed interest in putting old hymns to newer music.  Outfits like Red Mountain Music, Matthew Smith and Indelible Grace have been creating fantastic modern music to match the lyrical depth of many old hymns that we would otherwise know only through antiquated melodies.  These musicians understand that the “classic” arrangements were “pop music” when they first came out.  As a result, they see the importance of reviving these great hymns and making them accessible through modern music.

Another group that has been doing this is Page CXVI (Their name comes from a reference to page 116 in their copy of The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis; a poignant passage where Aslan begins to sing Narnia into creation out of a black void).  You might compare their style to U2 or Coldplay because of the “let’s go crazy with the delay-pedal/I refuse to resolve this melody” sound.  Go to their web page to find out more about their music.  You can get their new album for 9.99 or their first album for free.

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