The Gospel in a Sentence?

We treasure the gospel.  We study the gospel, we talk about living in light of the gospel, we talk about sharing the gospel with others.  …and sometimes we assume the gospel.  We assume we know what we mean when we talk about it, but sometimes we don’t.  So, what is it?  What is the gospel?

A great danger can be to reduce our understanding of the gospel to a mindless cliche or to reduce it by focusing on only one aspect of it while neglecting other central aspects.  While this is something to be careful to avoid,  I’m curious how you would speak the gospel in a sentence.  This could simply be too difficult of a task and will necessarily leave too much out.  Assuming it’s worth a shot, how would you do it?

For both of you who read this blog, leave a comment with your attempt to put the gospel in a sentence.

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