Gentle Jesus, Meek and… Modest?

That’s the title to a recent post by Elise Fitzpatrick at the Gospel Coalition’s blog.  Certainly this has a direct audience of women in mind, especially since summer has come and the layers have gone.  But immodesty is a problem for all of us.  It’s the expression of the heart of a show-off:

Immodesty flows out of the heart of a show off. Maybe we’ve worked hard at the gym or purchased an expensive new pair of jeans. Maybe we want to prove how free we are to dress in any way we choose, no matter how scandalous. When we show-off we’re failing to love our brother (and sisters) who may be tempted to lust or covetousness or sinful imitation. Showing off is a fruit of pride and love of self. Immodesty demonstrates a cold unconcern for the church.

The answer to immodesty is not to ignore the problem.  Nor is it to simply make new rules (although guidelines are helpful).  Instead, it’s to be transformed by seeing the modesty of Christ in the gospel.

The beauty of the gospel, however, is that it informs us about who we are and what Jesus has already done. While it convicts us that we’re all unloving show-offs (in some way), it also assures us that we’ve been loved and that we no longer need to show off to get other people’s approval because (here’s the best news of all!) the record of our Modest Redeemer is ours! Our identity isn’t wrapped up in the approval or envy or lust of others. Our identity is found in Christ’s life, death and resurrection. Christ is our life. He loved us and refrained from showing off so that we could be His and freed from the need to prove that we’ve got a great body or wardrobe or … because we’ve been lavished with His love instead.

Read the whole post here.

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