A Few Helpful Resources

Just wanted to post a few of the countless resources related our faith that are available on the information super-highway.

Beginning with Moses – Taking its title from Luke 24:27, this recently relaunched website is loaded with articles, briefings, book reviews and all sorts of other stuff meant to help us understand how the whole Bible fits together as one book and how it all comes together in Jesus.

Free D.A. Carson PDF’s – D.A. Carson is one of the most respected Bible scholars of our generation.  So much of what he has to say is not meant for other academics though.  Instead, it’s accessible and meant for Joe Christian.  These are a few of his works, available for free, in PDF form.

Human Flourishing – This is an article written by Danielle Sallade, a staff member of the Princeton Evangelical Fellowship at Princeton University.  It’s meant to help stressed out college students understand how the Gospel applies to their busy schedule.  I recommend that everyone in our group, before the school year gets too far along, take the time to read this.  Hard copies of this will be available on the kiosk Sunday morning.

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