Creation Explodes in Endless Flourishing

Have you ever wondered why, mingled throughout the Old Testament prophets, there are promises of water flowing and trees growing?  Why are we given the hope of the entire creation being revived?  According to Alec Motyer, it’s because Eden’s king, the true and better Adam, is returning.

“The…bounty of the Messianic day… indicates that the curse has ended and is gone.  Adam was king in Eden (1.28), heir and monarch of the abundance implied in the permission to eat of every tree of the Garden save one (Gen 2.16-17).  But when sin came, liberality dried to a hard-won trickle.  When, however, its rightful king returns to Eden (e.g. Is. 11.6-9), all the energies, pent up while sin abounded and death reigned, will explode in an endless burgeoning [flourishing] as creation itself hastens to lay its tribute at the feet of him whose right it is to reign.”

Alec Motyer, Look to the Rock (Inter-Varsity, 1996), 125.

This is really going to happen.

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