Retreat Follow-Up: The Bible’s Promise-Structure

If you were at our retreat over the weekend of Feb 18-20, you remember Trent introducing you to a chart that puts the Bible’s promise-structure into a simple, visual form.  It’s now available over at his blog:

…the way to fight a piecemeal approach to the Bible is to read the Bible as a whole. That is, to read the Bible as one giant piece, albeit a piece made up of many smaller pieces.

And one tool to help us see the Bible as a whole is a chart. Now, charts can make things more complicated than they are. But a chart well done will serve clarity with simplicity, visually representing ideas and relationships. That’s what this chart aims for.

This particular chart focuses on the Bible’s promise structure. It tries to map God’s biggest promises on the Bible’s redemptive historical timeline, and represent their relationship to one another and their fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

I think you’d be well-served to head over there and download it, print it off, and put it in your Bible for reference as you read.  Thanks, Trent!

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