Retreat Follow-Up: The God Who Is There

Thanks to God’s grace to us through a family at Grace, everyone who joined us on the retreat received a free copy of The God Who Is There, by D. A.  Carson.  This is such a great book.  I’ve already heard from some people how much the book is benefiting them.  It helps us to  continue to see the gospel-story of redemption, and, as the subtitle of the book says, it helps us find our place in this story.  So, I heartily recommend that you ‘take up and read.’  And who could go against Keller’s statement, “by all means, get this book!”  All means?  Possibly a slight overstatement, but arresting nevertheless.

There is also a 14-part audio series that preceded the printing of this book.  You can go here to download the audio or watch the videos.

My encouragement to is to read the book, grab the audio and listen to it in the car (or wherever you do this kind of thing), and then recommend it to others, especially if they need an introduction to who Jesus is and what Christians believe.

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