Refreshing Through Affirmation

There’s a great new book out by Sam Crabtree, Practicing Affirmation.  Here are a few quotes that may encourage you to grab it.

Why let the practice of affirming others be a normal part of your life?

For the glory of God:

To fail to commend the character of Christ in people is to fall into the same lackluster indifference of a person who never exclaims what a beautiful morning it is, thereby robbing the Creator of glory he deserves for making that sky, that volcano, that character (24).

Pointing to Christlike character qualities in a person is a way of praising God, by commending his attributes reproduced in others by his grace (69).

For your own good and the good of others:

A shortage of affirmation explains many things, from teenage rebellion to failed marriages.  Affirmation withers up, and with it, the relationship (54).

A steady diet of affirmations in a relationship is like watering and hoeing in a garden – it’s refreshing and keeps the weeds down (66).

Why can I not remember anyone talking explicitly and at length about this topic?  I should have been rebuked a long time ago.

C. J. Mahaney: “if you find that your communication lacks encouragement, if you want to grow in affirming others, if you plan to say any words at all today – please read this book.”

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