Interview about The Next Story

Trevin Wax interviewed Tim Challies, author of The Next Story, about this forthcoming book.  The whole interview gives a sense about what the book is about and what Tim hopes will result in readers’ lives.  Here’s an excerpt:

What we are really bad at doing is pausing to consider the implications a new technology before we introduce it to our lives. Technology theory will teach us that every new technology brings unintended consequences–secondary consequences that can have a profound impact on our lives. We tend to be myopic–we see only what’s right in front of us. What we need to train ourselves to do is to look farther, to try to see the greater impact of any new piece of technology.

  • What will it do to my time?
  • What will it do to my family?
  • When else will I use it?
  • What other purposes will I begin to use it for?

When we understand the biblical perspective on technology we’ll see that technology inhabits a fallen world. Technology is not evil, but it exists within an evil world and, therefore, will very often be used for evil (or by evil). Your cell phone is not bad and has no inherent morality. But it will lead your heart away from what’s most important if you don’t ensure that you remain its master. The cell phone, like the ground around us, will bring forth “thorns and thistles.”

You can read the whole interview here.

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