Putting It Together – Audio

How do we put our Bible’s together? If the Bible can be viewed like a puzzle, what does the picture on the box look like? This past February, my brother, Trent Hunter, joined us at the College & 20s retreat to help us see the gospel in all of Scripture. What at great time this was. For those who were there and want to revisit the sessions or for those who missed it and would like to hear the teaching, the audio is available. It would be well-worth your time to listen to the sessions.

From Trent:

We set out to see the gospel in all of Scripture by reading the Bible on its own terms. That is, by reading the Bible according to the Bible’s presuppositions, the Bible’s plot-line, the Bible’s patterns, and the Bible’s purpose. When we open the Bible this way, the Bible opens us up and opens to us the glory of God in the face of Christ. While these themes were mingled throughout, most of our time, as you can see, was spent on the Bible’s plotline. I earnestly pray for God’s grace to be praised in the reading, cherishing, and obeying of His word explained in these sessions.

Trent also gave us a great list of recommended resources related to the weekend here and posted a very helpful chart of the Bible’s promise structure here. You can also keep up with him on his blog.

Thanks again, Trent!

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