What Motivates for Mission?

The grace and love of God through Christ.

“Does [the gospel message] really provide the basic power, inspiration, and motivation in discipling? Is its message powerful enough to change people into Christlikeness?

I am absolutely convinced that it will. Consider the typical, introverted church member sitting passively in the pew? What prevents him or her from becoming a pacesetter for outreach? Very likely a heavy-spirited awareness of guilt.

Many men are burdened with guilt about lust. Many women are likely to be oppressed by a general sense of inadequacy arising from failures in relationships. Call it poor self-esteem or what have you, at the visceral level many church members have trouble really believing that their sins are forgiven and that God could love them unconditionally.

…When the gospel is understood and received, it not only takes away guilt from a troubled conscience, but also gives perfect assurance of the Father’s unconditional acceptance of each believer as an adopted child. Through faith, this teaching brings release to the encouraged hearer that empowers him or her to walk in love toward others and to be Christ’s witness to the world.

What makes missionaries go? What makes the local church a vital center of missionary enterprise? Constantly hearing of the message of the good news, which overwhelms people with the love of God revealed in Christ, is what does it.

– Jack Miller, Outgrowing the Ingrown Church (Zondervan, 1999), 143

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