Help for Proverbs

If you’re looking for something to read along-side our study of Proverbs in the College & 20s group on Sunday mornings, here are a few resources:

1. Derek Kidner, Proverbs (IVP, 2009). This is a short, helpful commentary that is highly recommended all over the place when people study proverbs.

2. Tremper Longman, How to Read Proverbs (InterVarsity, 2002). Besides having a pretty cool first name, Tremper has given us a helpful introduction to Proverbs. But this isn’t a commentary. Kidner’s commentary will provide help along the way as you read particular proverbs; Longman helps us understand what’s going on in the book as a whole.

3. Tim Keller, Proverbs: A Mini-Guide to Life. Just a short blog post, but summarizes an important section of Proverbs that sheds light on the whole book (and the whole Bible, and your whole life).

4. Various Sermons on Proverbs available on The Gospel Coalition website.

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