Revival: When God Hits the Fast Forward Button

Ray Ortlund, Jr. on Revival:

What is Revival? Answers from the first few minutes:

Revival is the normal work of the gospel re-energizing believers and compelling the attention of unbelievers and giving many people newness of life. God hits the fast forward button. And what might have taken 5 years in terms of gospel progress in us and around us, might take 5 weeks. God is able to do that. He has done it.

Because revival is a work of God, it can’t be scheduled, it doesn’t need to be advertised…

Revival belongs to God. We can’t make it happen, we wouldn’t want to try. It is sacred. It is blood-bought. It is of heaven…

Revival is simply God displaying the glories of his son with the intensities of the Holy Spirit…

The Bible says in Acts chapter 2, “awe came down on the early church.”  You can’t put that in the service plan. “10:15: awe will come down.” Only God can give it. Only God should give it…

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