Motivation for Mission

Trevin Wax’s response to the question, “We’ve got people in small groups who study the Scriptures but aren’t involved in reaching out to their community with the gospel…How can I get them motivated?”:

In response, I mentioned how our natural tendency as church leaders is to reinforce the commands related to our mission, to tell people again and again what they should be doing. We think, If they aren’t reaching out to represent and proclaim Christ, they must not know what to do.

But is this really the case? In my experience, the problem isn’t that we’ve forgotten our responsibility to love our neighbor and share the gospel. The problem is that even when we know what our duty is, we still don’t do it.

That’s why I’m convinced that focusing most of your teaching on our missional duty isn’t the best way to motivate people to serve Christ long-term. It may result in some initial fruit, but it doesn’t effect the heart-change necessary for long-lasting obedience.

So what to do?

Exalt God. Magnify His holiness. Praise His greatness. Exult in His grace.

Set the magnificent, majestic God of the Bible before your people week after week, and pray that they will encounter Him for who He is. Why? Because it’s an encounter with an awesome God that motivates us to mission.

Read the whole thing here.

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  1. Dane says:

    Love the picture on the right. Amazing.

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