The true and better… everyone

Dennis Johnson, summarizing how nearly all the characters in the Old Testament point forward to Christ:

The performance of every covenantal mediator and participant – patriarch, prophet, priest, judge, king, husband, father, son, parents, children, servant – ultimately is to be interpreted in light of the ways it reflects (or falls short of reflecting) the perfect covenant obedience to be offered by Jesus as the Servant of God and the rescue to be accomplished by Jesus as the Lord of his people…

Judges’ failings… kings’ injustices… priests’ pollution and… prophets sufferings…

The mixed behavior of covenantal leaders makes each, by virtue of his office, in one way or another, typological of the Coming Deliverer, in whom the roles of prophet, priest, and king would be perfectly fulfilled (Johnson, Him We Proclaim, 216).

Jesus is the true and better… everyone.

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