Till sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet

Thomas Watson, in The Doctrine of Repentance, calling us to deep repentance:

Confession must be sincere.  Our hearts must go along with our confessions.  The hypocrite confesses sin but loves it, like a thief who confesses to stolen goods, yet loves stealing.  How many confess pride and covetousness with their lips but roll them as honey under their tongue.  Augustine said that before his conversion he confessed sin and begged power against it, but his heart whispered within him, “not yet, Lord.”  He was afraid to leave his sin too soon.  A good Christian is more honest.  His heart keeps pace with his tongue. He is convinced of the sins he confesses, and abhors the sins he is convinced of (30).

But there is a promise held out for such honesty:

Till sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet (63).

The more bitterness we taste in sin, the more sweetness we shall taste in Christ (27).

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3 Responses to Till sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet

  1. We should be honest with our self and with God when we confess our sins. We should not lie because God will always know.

  2. Sateco Guengo says:

    I liked very much this article. Together with
    The Bitterness of Sin! by James Smith, 1860, they have helped a lot. You may read the latter too. I pray that any sin may taste bitter to me and hate it with all my power. God bless everyone.

  3. marymvalentine says:

    This is absolutely true.

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