All of History Is Pressing Toward A Display of Beauty

The gospel is for all of life. One of the ways we continue to see this and get it worked out in the particulars of our lives is by seeing that we’re in a story. And that story is a gospel-story. It is the story of the world, from beginning to end, creation to new creation, Edenic garden to New Jerusalem city. And this story is about the gospel, how God restores the broken creation and reconciles broken sinners to know him now and live with him in this coming New Creation forever.

This story gives hope in our hopelessness and meaning in the mundane.

The more wonderful we see this story to be, and the more wonderful we see God’s redemption of us to be, the more hope and joy we find in everyday life.

schreiner king beautyThat’s why I’m excited for this book. Tom Schreiner overviews the story of the Bible (and therefore the story of our world), titling his work, “The King in His Beauty.” I love that. In an interview, he says, “The story is about God conquering Satan, sin, and death. But why would we want to be on the winning side? It is because in the new creation (the new Jerusalem, the new heavens and earth) we will see the king in his beauty. We will be enraptured by our God and Jesus Christ forever.”

…Not just physical beauty, of course. In fact, the most beautiful event in history was a gruesome cross. Yet this sight which people could hardly look at was the greatest outshining of beauty this world had yet seen, for it was the greatest display of the intermingling of justice and mercy, power and weakness, authority and humility, judgment and grace.

Yes, it’s 750 pages. But with this author, writing about this topic, covering the whole landscape of the Scriptures, for the sake of the Church’s faith, I will still put this in the hand (or hands, if it’s too heavy) of anyone, even if they haven’t read this many pages in the past 10 years.

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