Uniting pleasure and duty by seeing beauty

Our pleasure and our duty

though opposite before,

since we have seen his beauty

are joined to part no more.

John Newton, quoted in Jerry Bridges, The Transforming Power of the Gospel, 74.

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4 Responses to Uniting pleasure and duty by seeing beauty

  1. Kipp Soncek says:

    Really itching to use this Bridges book for a small group study.

  2. Drew Hunter says:

    Hey, Kipp! It is excellent. It would certainly be a good way to bring focus and clarity to the main thing. Have you read it yet? If so, you don’t need a summary, but if not, here’s one by yours truly: http://thegospelcoalition.org/book-reviews/review/the_transforming_power_of_the_gospel1/

    I loved the book.

  3. Kipp Soncek says:

    Thanks for that Drew. I secured a Kindle copy when it was offered free (typically, my favorite price point). It is indeed a great book, and I agree it helps the main thing be the main thing, which my heart needs every day. Would love to explore its potential as the jumping point of a zealous, small-group study.

    BTW, since you are now of “celebrity” status, having a review on TGC, do I now need to refer to you differently? Sire? Rabbi?

  4. Drew Hunter says:

    Ha! Two things: 1) I’ve hoped for something akin to ‘sire’ from you for a long time now. 2) I wasn’t a celebrity until you read it just now; I think you’re the only one. By these standards, I suppose you’re a celebrity since I just read your comment here, sire. 🙂

    – Drew

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