Bearing Witness to the Friendship of Christ

Spurgeon, on our solemn duty of bearing witness to the friendship of Christ:

Christ is ‘a friend that sticks closer than a brother.’ And in order to prove this from facts, we appeal to you who have had him for a friend. Will you not, each of you, at once give your verdict, that this is neither more nor less than an unexaggerated truth? He loved you before all worlds; long before the sun flung its ray across the darkness… Since that time, has he once swerved, has he once turned aside, once changed? No; you who have tasted of his love and know his grace, will bear me witness, that he has been a certain friend in uncertain circumstances. . .  You have often left him; has he ever left you? You have had many trials and troubles; has he ever deserted you? Has he ever turned away his heart, and shut up his compassion? No, children of God, it is your solemn duty to say ‘No,’ and bear witness to his faithfulness”

– Charles Spurgeon, “A Faithful Friend” in Sermons of C. H. Spurgeon. New York: Sheldon, Blakeman & Co., 1857. 13-14. Slightly modified.

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