To understand sin, understand the cross

After Genesis 1-3 the story of Adam and Eve’s rebellion in the garden isn’t commented on again in the Old Testament. That could imply that it isn’t significant. But Michael Williams helps us see that it is just the opposite.

The fact is, the fall of Adam and Eve introduces a problem whose full scope and gravity cannot be put into perspective – and certainly not resolved – until [the cross].

When Jesus comes, prays the prayer of the garden, suffers the pains of crucifixion, cries our in dereliction, dies and is buried, then and only then can we really appreciate the full character of sin…

Thus Anselm of Canterbury asked, “Who has truly pondered the weight of sin?” and rightly answered, “the one who has truly pondered the weight of the cross”…

Knowing the cure tells you a lot about the gravity of the disease.

Michael Williams, Far As the Curse is Found, 76.

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