A Perspective-Reorienting and Sanity-Restoring Poem and Video

Sometimes it seems as though I think about life and the world as it really is in 1 minute intervals. I regularly drift from and get out of tune with reality. I settle into in my own world with my own narrow and warped perspective. Sin sparks or flares up inside – impatience, anger, etc. Yet in the moment I don’t even recognize it as sin. The reactions seem small. And they seem fitting at the time. And that, of course, is only more evidence that I’m not really viewing life right-side up.

But then I get tuned back into reality. Something hits the defrost button and the fog clears off the windshield of my mind and heart. I see how my perspective was distorted. I wasn’t viewing life as it really is. I was forgetting that God is my true treasure and that everything I have is a gift. My perspective gets reordered back to reality. In the most re-ordered moments, I truly repent and believe afresh.

But this often only remains full-strength for a few moments at a time. Sometimes only seconds. Sometimes several minutes. And then fog starts to regather until the defrost gets hit again when the Spirit reorients my vision. Often through reading the Word, or talking with a friend, or hearing God’s word preached, or reading a biblically-grounded book.

This doesn’t often happen through poetry for me. But it did today. All of this explanation is really just a setup to commend to you a poem and a video. This poem was written by John Piper, whom God has often used to reorient my vision and restore my sanity. It’s called, “The Calvinist.” If that title is off-putting, you can safely overlook it since the poem probably has nothing to do with what you might think of when you hear the word. It expresses the biblical vision of the Christian life. And this glorious vision, in accordance with the Scriptures, has cleared the fog today. It makes me see my sin for what it is – and hate it. And it makes me long to not waste my life. To be a Bible-man, a praying man, an evangelizing man, and a skillful worker.  To treasure my wife and cherish my boys. And to be able to say with my last breath, “Gain.” Because when the windshield is clear, I know that Christ is all and all I have.

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To watch the video and read the poem, click here.

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