The infinite sweetness of the love and kindnesses that lie at the bottom of that heart

Thomas Goodwin (1600-1680) makes a persuasively biblical case that God’s character is most clearly and perfectly displayed in Christ and his saving work for us. While God’s character – his attributes, his glory – is displayed in creation and various other ways, it shines most brightly in the gospel. In Christ and his work of redemption for sinners is seen most clearly God’s wisdom, power, truth, justice, righteousness, mercy, and grace. 

In the midst of his biblical rumination, we find this note on the love of God: 

“[No one] could have come to have fathomed the infinite sweetness of love and kindnesses that lie at the bottom of that heart; therefore God, to express the utmost of it, gave Christ, that in the love of Christ we might comprehend the height, the breadth, the depth of that love that yet passeth knowledge.”

– Thomas Goodwin, The Works of Thomas Goodwin, vol. 4 (Grand Rapids: Reformed Heritage Books, 2006), 268. 

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