Why Study the Gospel of Matthew

I have been studying the Gospel of Matthew in a more focused way for a few years now. A few years ago I took a course on the Gospel of Matthew in grad school with Dr. Perrin, one of my favorite professors. I spent portions of 2012-2013 immersed in it while writing a Bible study guide for Crossway’s Knowing the Bible series. And I’ve spent 15-20 hours with it nearly every week of this year as I’ve preached through it at Zionsville Fellowship. When we finally finish teaching through it as a church, I’m contemplating a proposal to my church family that we circle back to chapter 1 and do it all over again… and then repeat that a few dozen more times.

It’s still largely a mystery to me, and I still have much repenting and trusting to do in light of what I’ve seen. It has become a good friend to help me see and know the True Friend.

I recently wrote down a few reasons why it’s worth taking the time to study this book, especially in light of it’s uniqueness. Here are the 6 reasons that rise to the surface:

  1. It makes a unique contribution
  2. It shows the Old Testament roots of the gospel
  3. It explains the nature of Christ’s kingdom
  4. It draws attention to the heart of Christ
  5. It calls us to a life of missional discipleship
  6. It persuades us of the treasure of Christ

Each of these reasons are filled out a bit in this short article over at Crossway’s blog, which you can find here.

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One Response to Why Study the Gospel of Matthew

  1. Charles McKinney says:

    I responded to your post on the Crossway blog rather than here. I didn’t mean to do that but I did! Rather than repeating what I wrote there, I refer you to my comment at Crossway. Suffice it to say, I was blessed by it, my friend!!

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