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Luther’s Surprising Reason Why God Doesn’t Reveal Himself Completely To Us

“Someone asked: ‘Why doesn’t God reveal Himself completely to us?’ I answered: If one could believe it all, he would be so overcome with joy that he could not eat nor do anything. God wants to save mankind from that, … Continue reading

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What If Mercy Became Flesh? The Heart of Advent

“Because of the tender mercy of God” (Luke 1:78). That’s Zechariah’s answer to the question, Why did Jesus come? The Roots of Advent Zechariah’s song is like a tree. Not like a Christmas tree, which we prop up because it … Continue reading

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The 5-day Bible Reading Plan for 2017

According to everyone, eating food is a necessary rhythm of life. According to Jesus, eating words is another one. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God,” he said (Matt. 4:4). … Continue reading

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How the Kingdom of Christ Restores Sanity During this Election Season

As the election season nears its end, we are left wondering how to process it all, and what the Bible has to say in times like these. One of the great themes in Matthew’s gospel is the mystery of God’s … Continue reading

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Why Read 1-2 Thessalonians?

How is this new church doing? How are these Christians coming along? Those were Paul’s concerns about this little church he planted in Thessalonica. After being run out of town, he heard news of their growing faith, hope, and love. … Continue reading

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Dawning Light of Our Salvation

What do Isaiah’s beautiful gospel-expectations sound like when sung? [email readers may need to see post for video] Long in darkness Israel wandered; Long in mortal shadows, we Walked in bondage and self-pity, Trod in paths of sin and grief. … Continue reading

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A Better Way of Coming at Christ’s Heart

Benjamin Grosvenor, a little-known English pastor in the 1700s, preached a sermon titled, “The Temper of Jesus”––as in, the temperament of Jesus. It is a reflection on the words of Jesus when he said “that repentance and forgiveness of sins should … Continue reading

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